Resources for Senior Thesis and Essay Writers

Senior Thesis and Essay Writers:

The library has a guide to resources for senior thesis and essay writers at

The library is also offering drop-in workshops next week that will go into more detail about research sources and interlibrary loan and other services likely to be useful for thesis and essay writers.  Sessions will be offered at 11 am and 3 pm on Monday 9/27, Tuesday 9/28, Wednesday 9/29, and Thursday 9/30. Choose a date and time convenient for you and join a group for a 45 minute info session in Olin Library in the Develin Room (room 204, beside the Art Library space on the second floor by the big stairs in the front of the building).

Honors Thesis Information Session 4/6

Tuesday, April 6, 4:30-5:30 p.m. EDT
via Zoom

Thinking about writing a senior thesis?  This session will provide information on dates, deadlines, paperwork, and logistics for all students who are interested in pursuing an honors thesis. Panelists will also provide advice on how to decide whether a thesis is right for you, and on how to build a strong working relationship with your thesis advisor.

Whether you already know your topic, or are just beginning to explore the possibility of a thesis, this session will provide all the information you need to get the thesis process started.


Jane Alden, Associate Professor of Music and Medieval Studies, Chair of the Honors Committee
Susan Krajewski, Registrar’s Office and Honors Coordinator
David Phillips, Class Dean

Click here to view the recording of the session.

Wesleyan Women in Science

Swipe right, Swipe Left! WesWIS is inviting you to a Student-Faculty Speed Networking event. There will be one faculty member from every NSM department. Students of all backgrounds, identities, interests and class year are encouraged to participate.

We will use a platform that allows students and faculty to be matched according to interests, sounds familiar? Both faculty and student will have the option to skip or accept the match. If both student and faculty accept the match, they have 5 minutes to chat and have the possibility to extend the meeting to 9 minutes. But do not worry about this now, we will spend the first few minutes of the event on Zoom to go over the logistics.

Please sign up here with your Wesleyan Email or RSVP to to get the Zoom link.


Fall 2020 Drop/Add opens in WesPortal at 8:30am ET on Monday, August 24th and closes at 5:00pm ET on Friday, September 11th.
You must enroll in the University to participate in Drop/Add. Please do so even if you have holds. You can follow-up with the holds after you’ve enrolled.
Instruction Modes:
• Be mindful of the instruction mode of your classes. If you are a remote student, be sure your classes are either: Online, Hybrid with Remote Students, or In-Person with Remote Students.
Full-credit course limit:
The four-credit course limit cannot be raised in the first week of drop/add. This will be an option starting on the first day of classes, Monday, August 31st. A full-credit course is any course with 1.0 or higher credit, excluding private music lessons.

Time Conflicts:
Drop/add ignores time conflicts. If a student plans to consider two courses with overlapping times, they will need to touch base with both professors to confirm they can meet all commitments and expectations of both classes.
Browsing Courses during Drop/Add:
For Online Courses: Faculty may allow students to browse their remote courses.
• To do so, go to WesPortal > Courses > Drop/Add Course Access, then input the zoom or moodle link to your course.
• Students can see these links in their WesPortal > Courses > Drop/Add Course Access.
For In-Person Courses: Students should not attend in-person classes they are not registered for unless they have retained explicit permission from faculty during drop/add. This is due to strict requirements for Covid classroom capacity compliance.
One-week grace period for student attendance:
Normally, faculty may drop a student who does not attend the first class meeting. For fall 2020, EPC has revised this policy: “Any registered student who cannot participate in the first scheduled class meeting must contact the instructor (in advance, or as soon as possible thereafter) to explain the absence. After the first week of classes, faculty may drop any student who has not done so. Browsing for other classes is not an acceptable reason for students to miss any class in which they hope to remain enrolled.”
Auditing of in-person classes:
The reduced classroom capacity due to social distancing means that it may not be possible to allow students to audit in-person class meetings. Community auditors may only participate in a class remotely; they may not come to campus.
For Instructors Meeting in Classroom Space:
Classroom assignments are based on strict Covid-capacities. Do not overenroll a course beyond your listed enrollment capacity, unless you have explicitly confirmed you will still be within the mandated Covid-capacity. The Covid capacities are available in EMS.

Detailed information is available on the Registrar’s website.

Drop/Add for Fall 2020 will open one week before classes begin

Enrolling in the University and Resolving Action Items

Starting on Monday, August 24, at 8:30 a.m. EDT you are required to enroll in the University. To enroll, login to WesPortal, click through the yellow alert banner at the top of the page, then click on the “Enroll Me” button. Please be aware that you will not be able to participate in drop/add until you have enrolled in the University. You must enroll in the University by Friday, September 11, at 11:59 p.m.

In addition to enrolling, you must resolve any holds in your list of Action Items. To access your list, go to:

Portal > Enrollment Checklist & Addresses > Hold/Enroll

Instruction on how to resolve each action item are provided on the page. Many action items can be resolved with a simple click of the mouse.

All action items must be resolved by Friday, September 4, at 5:00 p.m. EDT. Please be aware that you will still be able to participate in drop/add even if you have unresolved action items (as long as you have already enrolled in the University using the “Enroll Me” button).

News & Announcements for the Class of 2022

Friday, Feb 28 Deadlines:

  • 2/28/2020 at 5:00 – deadline for withdraw from third-quarter courses

Note: Do not confuse with the last day to withdraw from full semester courses which will be Wednesday, 04/29/2020
Last day to withdraw from full semester & 4th quarter classes

Employment/Leadership/Internship Opportunities:

Health Concerns:

Remember to take good care during this cold and flu season which coincides with midterm exams, research papers, and projects.

Review the email sent earlier this month from Wesleyan’s medical director in which reminds the community members that there is still time to get a flu vaccine and encourages the use of the Davison Health Center and the DHC’s online information about flu prevention and self-care.

Dean Wood’s 5 Steps to Organization:

  1. Plan out your time wisely.
  2. Break down big assignments into smaller, manageable chunks
  3. Make study guides for tests/using flash cards and/or quizlets. Try to predict the questions.
  4. Study in groups so that you can help/quiz each other.
  5. Take time out to decompress and practicing self-care.

(shared by Dean Jennifer Wood, Dean for Class of 2023, 2/27/20))

Try new Note taking Software and BeeLine Reader

Student Academic Resources is pleased to share with you two new technology programs available to Wesleyan users. Glean is a new note taking software and BeeLine Reader is a program to assist with digital readings. Please see below for information on accessing these programs FREE to you!


Glean is designed to make good note taking come naturally. By recording conversations and presentations, Glean enables users to capture everything while staying in the moment. Glean is intuitive, fun, cloud-based, and it takes only a minute to get started. For more information, please watch this short introductory video:

Wesleyan is piloting Glean for the spring 2020 semester, and we are inviting you to try out Glean with us! During the semester, we are available to assist you as needed, and welcome all feedback as to the usability of the program (including any features you would like to see changed/added). You are not obligated to use Glean in any particular way; feel free to use Glean for classes, meetings, conferences, watching TV, anything! We are interested in all types of feedback (including when using Glean was most useful, or not). If you try Glean and decide not to use it, we want to know that as well.

If you are interested in trying out Glean, please email Crystal Rose Hill at; be sure to include your Wesleyan email address – this is where you will receive the invitation link.


BeeLine Reader applies gradient colors to assist with eye tracking, speed, and focus while reading digital materials. As a Wesleyan user, you have access to two BeeLine Reader Chrome extensions (one for web pages and one for PDFs) and the beta BeeLine Reader PDF converter. You will find the links and directions for activating BeeLine Reader in your WesPortal, just search for “BeeLine”.

We hope you will take advantage of these tools. Let us know if you have any questions about activating or using either program.

Thank you!

Crystal Rose Hill, M.A., Accessibility Specialist
Accessibility Services

Dean Thornton early February message

Greetings Class of 2022’ers,

I am sending this email message to all sophomores to draw attention to a few upcoming time sensitive administrative actions and to remind you about my interest in meeting with you throughout your journey at Wes. In this email you will find 5 bulleted topics with links to more details.  It is critical that you review briefly all topics in this email and I strongly encourage you to take the additional time to read the expanded information and hyperlinked references as well.

Wishing you all the best for a successful semester at Wes! –Dean Thornton


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