Summer Session Financial Aid Deadline this Friday at Noon

Please note that THIS FRIDAY APRIL 19 at noon is the deadline for Financial Aid, Housing and Dining.

Financial Aid form: in WesPortal/Courses/Summer Session – a simple, 2-minute, no-obligation application.

Housing Request link and Dining Request link are also in WesPortal/Courses/Summer Session.

Summer Session registration is open now and will remain open until the classes begin, although courses will be cancelled for low enrollment on May 10.  So if you intend to register, please do so as soon as possible.

To Register:

  • Download the form from WesPortal/Courses/Summer Session
  • Meet with your advisor and get approval to register for the courses you want
  • Prepay the tuition here:
  • Bring your completed registration form and proof of payment to the Summer Session office.
  • We are located at 74 Wyllys Ave, next door to Admission and our hours are M-F, 8-5

If you are off-campus for the fall term, instructions on registering can be found in WesPortal/Courses/Summer Session.

Helpful links:
Course descriptions:
Summer Session Homepage:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Summer Session Staff
(860) 685-2005

Sustainability (Composting) Intern Position – Apply Now

Passionate about the environment? Love to get your hands dirty? The Wesleyan Sustainability Office is looking for 2 new composting interns for next semester, Fall 2019. Training for this position will be required and will occur in the first few weeks of May. Fill out this form if you are interested!  Applications will close Wednesday, April 17th.

Jennifer Kleindienst

Sustainability Director

284 High St. Room 104

(860) 685-3242

International students who received income in 2018 must file taxes

International students who received income in 2018:
  • Filing deadline: April 15, 2019
  • Students who fall under the category of non-resident aliens should log in to FNTR (tax preparation software) to file taxes. To access log in information for FNTR, check here. Students must log in through WesPortal to access the file.
  • FNTR is NOT for resident aliens.
  • If students are not sure whether they are non-resident aliens or resident aliens for tax purposes, they should visit this IRS page.
International students who did not receive income in 2018.
  • Filing deadline: June 15, 2019
  • Students must file Tax From 8843.
Chia-Ying Sophia Pan

Director of International Student Services

Office of International Student Affairs

Wesleyan University

North College, Room 218
237 High Street, Middletown, CT 06459
P. (860) 685-3031

How to Register for Room Selection Nights

If you want to participate in Room Selection Nights, you must be registered in the system before 12 p.m. (noon) EST on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.  Be sure to do this early, so that if you run into any issues we can assist you.

To find the Housing Selection Site:

  1. Select the “Offices & Other Services Bucket”
  2. Click on Residential Life
  3. Click on Housing & Staff Selection

You will need to accept the housing contract and lead paint agreement before you can start.

To register as an individual:

  1. Register via selecting “Room Selection Nights” on the “Explore Housing” page.
  2. Read the information on the “Room Selection Nights” page and go to the navigation box and select “Form a group of one”.
  3. Check the “status” tab to make sure the housing type in the status box says “Room Selection Nights”.

To apply as a group of two or more individuals:

  1. The first person registers via selecting “Room Selection Nights” on the “Explore Housing” page.
  2. Read the information on the “Room Selection Nights” page and find the box at the bottom of the page and select “Form a Group”.
  3. Email addresses can be entered so invites are sent to the rest of the selection group.
  4. The invited people will receive an email inviting them to join. They can either click the link in the email or go to their e-portfolio and select “join group” and enter the email address or WesID of the person that invited them.
  5. Each student in the group must register separately. Everyone should check their “status” tab to make sure the group names and housing type in the status box are accurate.

Paz y luz,

Liliana Carrasquillo-Vasquez  (she, her pronouns)

Assistant Director of Residential Life

Wesleyan University


Drop-in Hours: M: 3-4pm, Th: 3-4pm, and F: 9-10am

Beyond Assimilation: Seeking a Disabled Aesthetic – Thursday, April 4, 4:30-6PM,

Beyond Assimilation: Seeking a Disabled Aesthetic

Lecture/Demonstration with Toby MacNutt

Thursday, April 4, 4:30-6PM, Schonberg Dance Building, 247 Pine St

As disability in dance becomes more visible and mainstream, there is pressure to assimilate to mainstream dance aesthetics. But disability presents an enormous range and variation of potential in movement, perception, and thinking, by its very nature, which can expand upon and challenge the existing field. What does it mean to embrace a disabled aesthetic? How does it change dance practices and performance? Toby MacNutt will discuss these questions, show some sample work, and speculate on the future of disability in dance and why it matters.

This lecture/demonstration is sponsored by the Dance Department and Disability Studies Course Cluster, the Division II Dean’s Office and the Center for Pedagogical Innovation.


Relational Dance

Open Class. No experience necessary, all are welcome!

Friday April5, 1:20-4:10PM, Schonberg Dance Building, 247 Pine Street

Working as a group requires consensus, a shared understanding of goals, boundaries, and trust. To negotiate this consensus, each group member needs to be able to communicate their needs, and that requires understanding them. We’ll practice locating our own physical and emotional boundaries, and blending them safely into duos and groups. We’ll also explore some specific tools for leaderless thinking as a group, and creating, strengthening, and straining relationships with choreography.

This lecture/demonstration is sponsored by the Dance Department and Disability Studies Course Cluster, the Division II Dean’s Office and the Center for Pedagogical Innovation.


BIO Toby MacNutt is a queer, nonbinary trans, and disabled dancer/choreographer, author, and teacher living in Burlington, VT. They make dance work for crutches, wheels, ground, and aerial. In June 2018 Toby premiered ENTER THE VOID, a performance installation in the darkness of space, accompanied by a sci-fi poetry guidebook. Toby has been creating performance work since 2014 and has also performed with Heidi Latsky’s GIMP Project, Tiffany Rhynard/Big APE, Nicole Dagesse/Murmurations Dance, and Lida Winfield, among others.


A few short readings that will give context in Dance and Disability, and also its intersection with Queer Studies.

Rather than trying to find comprehensive overviews of disability in dance I picked a few for a particular example, Kinetic Light’s “Descent”. Conveniently, I know both Alice and Laurel.

History, including of disability in dance in general and of Alice and Laurel and DESCENT specifically:

Theory, including the ideas of supercrips and the connection between disability and queerness and race,

Both of those articles cite a number of folks who would be good to explore more of (Carrie Sandahl, Simi Linton) if classes are looking for more context, and link to other articles and materials with more info too.

More about DESCENT:

: ) Toby