Try new Note taking Software and BeeLine Reader

Student Academic Resources is pleased to share with you two new technology programs available to Wesleyan users. Glean is a new note taking software and BeeLine Reader is a program to assist with digital readings. Please see below for information on accessing these programs FREE to you!


Glean is designed to make good note taking come naturally. By recording conversations and presentations, Glean enables users to capture everything while staying in the moment. Glean is intuitive, fun, cloud-based, and it takes only a minute to get started. For more information, please watch this short introductory video:

Wesleyan is piloting Glean for the spring 2020 semester, and we are inviting you to try out Glean with us! During the semester, we are available to assist you as needed, and welcome all feedback as to the usability of the program (including any features you would like to see changed/added). You are not obligated to use Glean in any particular way; feel free to use Glean for classes, meetings, conferences, watching TV, anything! We are interested in all types of feedback (including when using Glean was most useful, or not). If you try Glean and decide not to use it, we want to know that as well.

If you are interested in trying out Glean, please email Crystal Rose Hill at; be sure to include your Wesleyan email address – this is where you will receive the invitation link.


BeeLine Reader applies gradient colors to assist with eye tracking, speed, and focus while reading digital materials. As a Wesleyan user, you have access to two BeeLine Reader Chrome extensions (one for web pages and one for PDFs) and the beta BeeLine Reader PDF converter. You will find the links and directions for activating BeeLine Reader in your WesPortal, just search for “BeeLine”.

We hope you will take advantage of these tools. Let us know if you have any questions about activating or using either program.

Thank you!

Crystal Rose Hill, M.A., Accessibility Specialist
Accessibility Services