Get Ready for Wes! Newsletter 12

Message from the Dean

This will be my last issue of the Get Ready for Wes! Newsletter, but I will continue to communicate with you throughout the year using the Class of 2022 blog and emails. Now that the time for preparation is coming to an end and you are embarking on “experiencing Wes,”  there remains one central piece of information that you need to know. As a Wesleyan student, it is your responsibility to become familiar with the university’s academic expectations, procedures, and consequences specified in the Academic Regulations. I am pointing out a few aspects of those regulations in the Academic Highlights section to get you started. Feel free to come to my drop-in hours (see blog) when you get settled on campus to discuss any concerns or questions you might have about the academic regulations or any other issues.

As a member of the Class of 2022, be sure to check the Class of 2022 blog regularly. To get you started, check out “Thoughts from a Peer Advisor: Tips and Tricks for NSO” written last year by former Academic Peer Advisor Elisa Greenberg ’18. She offers some good advice.

I wish you safe travels to Middletown, and a productive and enjoyable orientation experience.


Dean Thornton

Academic Highlights


As you begin your first year at Wesleyan, you should review the academic regulations because they will help you successfully navigate Wesleyan and inform your decision-making. Check out the degree requirements and review the information about academic standing, and academic review and promotion. It is also important that you explore the general regulations because they discuss course enrollment, attendance, and grading. Lastly, you should know that professors are expected to notify the class dean when a student is doing unsatisfactory work or there is a student conduct issue.

As with all guidelines at the university, the academic regulations are intended to foster a community of care and accountability. Be sure to come in to meet with me, your faculty advisor or, your professor, if you have any questions about the regulations and other issues.

Message from the Orientation Interns

With Orientation coming up next week, we have a few things that we wanted to remind you about so you’re ready to go once you step on campus.

First, make sure to look at the required forms on WesPortal under the New Student Checklist.  Have them filled out and ready to turn in once you get to campus. These include the direct deposit form, your employment eligibility verification, and your W4 forms. These are crucial if you want to get a job on campus.

Second, get familiar with Guidebook. This is the service used to stay connected with all things happening during Orientation. You can access it through an app on your smartphone or on the web browser of any web-connected device. You can look at the schedule, meet the Orientation Leaders, and see a schedule of events during “WesWOW” – Wesleyan’s Week of Welcome.

Two things you really should know about Guidebook are how to find your small group and how to build your own schedule. Under the groups tab, you can find your group number based on where you will be living on campus. This will also tell you who your OL and RA is and where you’ll be meeting. Additionally, when you go into the orientation schedule, tapping the plus icon next to any event or “Add to My Schedule” when you’re viewing an event’s details, allows you to add it to your personal schedule. You can even set a reminder to let you know when those events are coming up.

While building your schedule, please remember that all Orientation events are required, except for events that happen at the same time as others. With those, you get to choose which to attend.

We cannot wait to see you all soon!


The Orientation Interns
Maximilien Chong Lee Shin ‘21
Caridad Cruz ‘21
Christopher Jackson ‘20
Virginia Sciolino ‘21
(860) 685-5666