Get Ready for Wes! Newsletter 11

A Message From Your Dean

In a short while, you will arrive at Wes, and you still need to complete the items listed on the checklist in your WesPortal. These items include:

Now that you are a little closer to being a college student, it is a good time to review communication etiquette and to learn about the ways that you can forge positive relationships with faculty and staff at Wes. To get started, read the blog post about email etiquette written by former academic peer advisor, Faisal Kirdar ’14. Then checkout the Academic Highlights Section of this week’s newsletter for insights into preparing for productive academic advising meetings with your faculty advisor.

I will send out my final Get Ready for Wes! Newsletter to you next week. Check it out for some pointers on making good use of the New Student Orientation program. After you arrive at Wes, be sure to continue to visit the Class of 2022 blog weekly to learn about upcoming due dates, advice, and opportunities.

Have a terrific week,
Dean Thornton

Academic Highlights


As the Faculty and Student Advising Handbook states:

The objective of the pre-major advising program is to help first-year students and sophomores think seriously about their educational objectives in the context of the liberal arts education offered at Wesleyan.

Together with your faculty advisor, you should develop a challenging and coherent educational plan for the first two years, one that achieves curricular breadth while preparing for the depth that the major will bring in the last two years.

Here are some guidelines for preparing for your first meeting with your advisor:


  • Have a plan
  • Formulate goals
  • Study the curriculum
  • Work out alternative course schedules
  • Identify specific questions for your advisor
  • Be familiar with the basic nuts and bolts of the course registration process


  • Discuss course choices and your academic interests in the context of long-range goals
  • Be receptive to questions and suggestions
  • Share concerns that may affect your success in the upcoming semester
  • Ask for any needed referrals
  • Discuss any academic regulations that seem confusing
  • Arrange additional meetings during the semester

For more information, see the Faculty and Student Advising Handbook

Message From The Orientation Interns

Hey everyone!

Check out the links below to stay in the loop on all Wesleyan Orientation related information. There are only a handful of Orientation emails remaining, as we are nearing the start of the Fall 2018 semester. With this in mind, ensure you are going through these updates thoroughly to have fewer things to worry about before embarking on your college journey! Also, a reminder that while WesAdmits 2022 is a valuable resource, not all of the information posted by students is accurate and the Orientation office can be contacted to confirm anything discussed on this forum via email at

Arrival Day

Wesleyan Orientation Highlights

Orientation Schedule via Guidebook

Meet Your Orientation Leaders!

Orientation Info for Transfer Students

International Student Orientation


The Orientation Interns
Maximilien Chong Lee Shin ‘21
Caridad Cruz ‘21
Christopher Jackson ‘20
Virginia Sciolino ‘21
(860) 685-5666