Javanese Dance DANC251.01 (.5 credit) (Dance/Southeast Asian Studies Certificate) no prerequisites

Special Dance Offerings Spring 2019:!wesmaps_page.html?stuid=&facid=NONE&subj_page=DANC&term=1189


Javanese Dance DANC251.01 (.5 credit) (Dance/Southeast Asian Studies Certificate) no prerequisites

Repertory: Understanding migration/immigration through performance DANC378 (1 credit) (Dance/Queer Studies Cluster) no prerequisites

Contemporary Dance Technique DANC300 (.5 credit)

Contemporary Dance Technique is a course that practically considers our moving bodies through cultivating awareness and exploring weight, shape, space, and time along with a deep sense of kinetic connection within the body and among bodies. This semester, the Contemporary Dance Technique class will also partner with the Zilkha Gallery exhibit Audible Bacillus.  As a class, we will explore the images and artworks in terms of process, composition, and theme and create an informal performance sharing layer to the exhibit.



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Drop/Add Period will end tomorrow, 9/14 at 5 pm.

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Seats Available: Academic Writing in the US (Engl 110F-01)

There are still openings in Academic Writing in the US (Engl 110F-01). This is a particularly good course for students who are feeling overwhelmed by the academic writing demands at Wesleyan. The following is the course description:

This course is designed to prepare international students for U.S. academic writing including academic vocabulary, essay structure, and content expectations in all subjects. Students will focus on increasing their academic vocabulary, enhancing their analytical writing, and improving the cohesiveness and mechanics of their writing. They will also read and write essays in a variety of genres. The course is recommended for international students and students who immigrated to the U.S. after middle school.

Seats Available:  DANC111.03, DANC213, & DANC371

Due to high student interest we have added a NEW section of Introduction to Dance!

We also have space in our new Jazz Dance Class!


Monday/Wednesday 2:50-4:20PM in Schonberg Dance Studio on Pine Street.

Taught by Professor Pedro Alejandro,

If you are interested, contact Professor Alejandro and please attend on Wednesday at 2:50.

You may still join! 

Jazz Dance, DANC213

Tuesday/Thursday 6:40-8:10PM

Taught by Joya Powell

If you are interested, contact Professor Powell and please attend tomorrow – Tuesday at 6:40!

You may still join!


This course is an introduction to the African American jazz dance vernacular through the embodied practice of Simonson jazz. It will cover basic principles of alignment, centering, and technique through the context of jazz’s African roots. Class sessions will principally consist of movement exploration including a comprehensive warm-up and will be supplemented by online discussions and media to better understand the place of jazz dance in society and culture at large.

DANC 213 – JAZZ TECHNIQUE .5 credit

With JOYA POWELL, Visiting Assistant Professor, Dance (

DANC371 Site Specific Dance Making, 1 credit


This course addresses the construction of contemporary performance in alternative, nontheatrical spaces. Students will create, design, and structure movement and image metaphors; design and realize scenic objects; and integrate technologies that enhance performance at large. Daily practice will focus on developing compositional tools to trigger events, to set off the performance space, and to create optimal conditions for audience and performer participation. Skills in movement observation, critical reading, and video analysis will inform the course’s practical and historical frameworks.

With Pedro Alejandro (