Classes to Consider for Fall 2021

Attention rising seniors! Are you interested in applied, experiential, and engaged learning? Have you decided not to pursue a thesis but you want to have a meaningful capstone experience during your last year at Wes? You might consider these classes for Fall 2021:

CSPL239 Startup Incubator: The Art and Science of Launching Your Idea
Tu 8:50-11:40

A one-semester, experiential learning program designed to teach and enable student entrepreneurs to develop sustainable business models from their ideas. The program will bring together an ambitious, committed, and diverse group of individuals from all classes and majors who are passionate about developing successful solutions to challenges; identify as entrepreneurs, disruptors, and thought leaders; and have the tenacity, work ethic, and ability to succeed. It is completely fine if you have not yet launched your own business / non-profit etc. You will learn mindsets, critical thinking skills, and practical skills that you can use in any part of your life.

If you would like to enroll in CSPL 239, complete this form- Questions can be emailed to Rosemary Ostfeld (

CSPL262 Patricelli Center Fellowship
Tu/Th 10:20-11:40

In this project-based, cohort-style class, students will learn strategies for understanding social and environmental problems, and they will design interventions to create impact. Each student will select a topic to work on individually or as part of a team throughout the semester. Topics will include root cause analysis, ecosystem mapping, theory of change, human-centered design, business models, leadership and teamwork, impact metrics, storytelling, and more. Some students will develop entrepreneurial projects and ventures while others will find pathways to impact as activists, community organizers, coalition builders, artists, or researchers.

To be considered for this course, meet with the instructor ( to discuss the enrollment process, course content, expectations, and learning goals.

CSPL480 Engaged Projects
Asynchronous / No mandatory class time

EPs are one-semester, 1.0-credit, mostly-independent educational endeavors. Students who enroll will start with a topic or question that has some connection to their academic pursuits and to the world at large. They will recruit a “Sponsor” with lived or scholarly expertise related to their topic, and they will be matched with two other EP students (their “Cohort”) who will provide peer advising and accountability. Over the course of one semester, EP students will research and analyze their topic, produce a project intended for a public (not academic) audience, and complete reflection essays to document their learning along the way.

Details are at