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Hello Everyone,

We are BEYOND EXCITED to share that The Resource Center Socioeconomic Status and Disability Interns have been working with ReisUP (and our co-sponsors the Adelphic Educational Fund, FGLI Advisory Board, and the Office for Equity and Inclusion) to bring the LIT financial literacy program for first-generation and low-income students to Wesleyan!


Terrified of money?

Confused about taxes?

No idea about insurance?

Wondering about investing?

LIT for Wesleyan has you covered!

LIT was created by a first gen, low-income college grad as a way to empower students like her to take ownership of their financial future. How incredible will it be to have your money questions and concerns addressed by SOMEONE WHO GETS IT !!

The program is totally online and FREE to those who sign up (sign-up link)! Step into and step back from content as you need to over the course of this year to gain the tools and knowledge you need to make decisions now, for summers, and for after graduation!

REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW THROUGH FEBRUARY 15TH (sign-up link)! This is a pilot program this year to see if Wesleyan students would utilize this program, so there are a limited number of spots.  You can find more information (FAQs, an intro video, etc.) about LIT here.  The program will launch on Feb. 15th, but if we have more spots left- sign-ups can continue throughout the month of February.

We are so happy to be bringing this program to our community!  If you have any questions or concerns about the program or sign-up process, please contact Demetrius Colvin (


The Resource Center Socioeconomic Status and Disability Interns

– Griselda Solis

– Alice Musabe

– Shakira Fortson

– Briana Rodriguez Castillo