Brief Information on Tech Resources for online courses

Remote Student Tech Needs
Rachel Schnepper
Wed 7/22/2020 3:29 PM
  1. Internet Access. As long as the service that you are obtaining will provide you with “2 Mbps up/down” (2 Megabits per second of bandwidth for uploading and downloading), you should have no issues participating in Zoom. Students can test their home internet speeds at:
  2. Software for Students: – Wesleyan provides many applications via a virtual application environment called MyApps. You can run these applications on your personal device without having to install it locally. opens up a portal with access to the following applications:  (Note that these applications run on either a Windows or Mac, even if the application is Windows-only based). More information on software available for students and software running on MyApps can be found here:
  3. Zoom. All students have a Pro license of Zoom. Please consult the Zoom Quickstart Guide for Students we developed. Additional resources are available through Zoom Help Center. Login to Wesleyan’s Zoom here.
  4. Higher power computers for specific courses.
  5. Noise-cancelling headphones to create a quiet place to study in a busy home environment.