CJST 249 Course has available seats

If you “are looking for an interesting class about Israeli cinema taught by an energetic and lively instructor, there are seats available in the new course  CJST 249: From Black and White to Colors: Israeli Cinema a Melting Pot Fragmented.  The course is taught by the Center for Jewish Studies Scholar in Residence, Amir Bogen who is a long time journalist and film critic.

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In addition, I am also enclosing a course description and the instructor’s short bio (written by the instructor).

From Black Panther to Wind River, from Dear White People to Crazy Rich Asians, and from How To Be A Latin Lover to Menashe – in the last couple of years Hollywood hails diversity as a prominent value of contemporary American society. In the fantastic realm of fictional narratives, the USA is seen as a nation for all where there is a space for every culture to express itself freely, and being genuinely represented at least on screen.

In the course From Black & White to Colors, we will take a critical look at Israeli Cinema and delve into it as a case study of a “melting pot” that was dissolved into fragments. Through a variety of films in different genres – dramas, comedies, musicals, and thrillers – we would follow the issues of representation on the screen and real life, then and now, and we will ask how does an immigrant-based society evolved from the national towards multi-ethnicity and diversity. Is it still the case of a culture that is bigger than the sum of its parts, or maybe it was always a story of particles trying to be particular while being edited in history books, scripts, and movies. Israeli, and American.

Amir Bogen is an Israeli film journalist and a scholar. He covered American, International and Israeli cinema for over a decade. He also hold an MA in film theory from Tel Aviv University. His thesis deals with fascist models in Star Wars and Superhero movies, a topic he expends in his current dissertation as a PhD candidate.”

Many thanks, Dalit

Dalit Katz

Adj. Associate Professor of Religion