Understanding Self and Others: A Group for Female-Identified Students

Hey Wesleyan!
We are bringing this group back due to its immense popularity last year:
Understanding Self and Others: A Group for Female-Identified Students
Mondays 5 – 6 PM
Solarium, 2nd Floor Davison Health Center

First Group Meeting: Monday September 24th 2018

This group will help you better understand yourself, how you relate to others, how others relate to you, and new ways of connecting to others. It is designed for female-identified students who:

  • Have concerns about important relationships
  • Can feel dissatisfied, frustrated, or angry in groups
  • Experience difficulty trusting others
  • Struggle to forge meaningful relationships
  • Feel they have to please others
  • Struggle to communicate thoughts, feelings, and needs directly
  • Feel controlling (or easily controlled) in relationships
  • Feel lonely

This is a “closed” group, which means new members cannot join once the group has begun.   If you are interested in joining, please use the link below to complete the survey.


We hope to see you at CAPS!

Dr. D’Andrea

Jennifer T. D’Andrea, Ph.D.
Director, Counseling and Psychological Services
Wesleyan University
327 High Street
Middletown CT 06459