Provisional Listing of Allbritton Center events Fall 2018

September 13, 12.00-1.00, PAC 002
Peaceful Revolution of Love and Solidarity in Armenia
Asya Darbinyan (Clark University).

September 17, 4.30, PAC 001.
The myth of blue state generosity
Joshua Mccabe (Endicott College).

September 25, 4.30, PAC 001
Why white evangelicals voted for Trump
Philip Gorski (Yale University).

September 28, 3.30-5.00, PAC 001
Historians on Hamilton.
Claire Potter (New School), Renee Romano (Oberlin), Matthew Skic (Museum of the American Revolution).

October 4, 12.00-1.00.
Eating Her Words: The Relationship between the Production and Consumption of Feminist Food and Texts
Alex Ketchum (Mcgill University).

October 4 at 4.30 PAC 001.
The threat from Russia: rethinking our response
Brett Bruen, former Director of Global Engagement, National Security Council, 2013-15.

October 9, 5-7.00, Freeman Center.
Webinar with Condoleezza Rice, Former U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor
China Town Hall organized by National Committee on U.S.- China Relations.

October 18, 12.00-1.00, PAC 002.
Coup or No Coup : What makes anti-democratic coups succeed or fail ?
Sharan Grewal (The Brooking Institution).

October 24, 4.30
The Armenian Genocide.
Ron Suny (University of Michigan).

November 8, 4.30
War and social science.
Matthew Schmidt (University of New Haven)

November 14, 4.30
Masculinity war and foreign policy in the age of Trump.
Meredith Loken (University of Massachusetts, Amherst).