Update on Campus-wide Copier/Printer Refresh

From:ITS & Finance <announcement@wesleyan.edu>
Sent:Monday, September 21, 2020 4:26 PM
To:Renee Johnson Thornton <rjohnson01@wesleyan.edu>
Subject:Update on Campus-wide Copier/Printer Refresh

To the Wesleyan community:

We hope your semester is off to a good start. We are writing with an update on the campus-wide multi-function printer/copier refresh and optimization, which began last month. We are in the process of installing 132 new devices across campus, which are energy efficient and offer improved print, copy, scan, and fax capabilities. Once completed, all faculty and staff will be able to retrieve print jobs from any campus Ricoh machine by printing from their computer to the single campus print queue Wes-Find-Me-Printers and swiping a card once at the device to retrieve their documentThis new process, powered by PaperCut software, allows for more flexibility and enhanced privacy when printing.

Detailed instructions on using the new devices are available on the ITS website. There, you can also find a listing of device locations around campus, including those that are able to print color and large-format documents. (For efficiency and cost-saving purposes, these more expensive devices are now only available in select locations).

This project will bring Wesleyan increased document security, improved personal convenience, and a reduction in waste and power consumption across campus. For any technical questions that are not addressed on the ITS website, please contact Erik Quimby at equimby@wesleyan.edu. For questions on paper ordering and print and copy charges, you may contact Val Nye at vnye@wesleyan.edu.


Erik Quimby

ITS Director of User Services


Valerie Nye