Fall Break/Homecoming/2nd Quarter Courses/Emergency

Dear 2022’ers,
It might seem hard to believe that we are seven weeks into the Fall semester. The high winds and cool temperature outside set the scene for an ideal Autumn in New England. Although some of you will depart campus for this short Fall break (beginning 10pm on F: 10/19 and ending 8am on 10/24), many people will remain on campus to enjoy Homecoming Weekend. However, you choose to use the break, I wish you well.

Seven weeks into the semester is also a time to draw your attention to 2 things:
Re: Academics – If you are enrolled in less than 4 credits, you should meet with your faculty advisor or me to explore adding a .25 credit (usually in PE or QAC). See WesMaps for courses that will begin in the 2nd quarter on or after Oct. 24, 2018.


The Drop/Add period for 2nd Quarter courses will be 5 days after the first meeting of the specific 2nd quarter course, no exceptions

Re: Any Emergency Matters – If you encounter any emergency (or concerning) situations while on campus, do not hesitate to immediately contact the Office of Public Safety. Please save the following two Public Safety numbers in your phone in the event that you (or someone else) should ever need it.

Emergency 860-685-3333
Non-Emergency 860-685-2345

The Office of Student Affairs utilizes a rotational On-Call system for emergency incidents on campus so someone is usually available to discuss options with you after Public Safety is notified. Additionally, as your class dean, I will usually follow-up with you when I return to the office on the next business day. You and your peers should not feel that you have to manage crisis situations on your own without the assistance of Public Safety. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come in to meet with me during my daily drop-in sessions.

All the best,
Dean Thornton