Get Ready for Wes! Newsletter 5

Message from the Dean

Pre-Registration Planning starts on Monday, July 9 at 9am and will run until 5pm on Tuesday, July 31. Here is a breakdown of the process:

  • Use this time to review Wesvising and look over WesMaps
  • Go to your WesPortal to access Pre-Registration
    • WesPortal>Student>New Student Checklist & Resources>Pre-Registration
    • Build a ranked course plan of seven courses you would like to take in the Fall. Rank order from first: 1st choice to 7: last choice
    • Identify and rank seven first year seminar courses if you did not register for a Living & Learning FYS
  • If you are a student interested in posting AP, IB, or pre-matriculant credits, please note that individual academic departments have specific guidelines in these matters. Consult the charts available online to get details for your particular situation.

Note: The CSS, COL, and CEAS majors require students to fulfil prerequisites in Fall of their freshman year. This week’s Academic Highlights will focus on these specialized programs.

Academic Highlights

Thinking about Majoring in CSS, COL, or CEAS?

Although most students will have until the second semester of sophomore year to declare a major, students interested in pursuing the College of Social Studies (CSS), the College of Letters (COL), and the College of East Asian Studies (CEAS) must do so in the spring semester of freshman year. While we like to advise students to explore a wide range of classes in their first year of college and hone their interests, if you are thinking about one of these programs, it may affect the decisions that you make during pre-registration. This blog post will provide a description of each of these programs and some suggestions for those who are thinking about choosing one of these majors.

  • College of Social Studies is a rigorous, multidisciplinary major focusing in history, government, political and social theory, and economics. CSS is reading and writing intensive, encouraging intellectual independence with weekly essays, small group tutorials, and a vibrant intellectual environment.
  • College of Letters is an interdisciplinary major for the study of European literature, history, and philosophy, from antiquity to the present. During these three years, students participate as a cohort in a series of colloquia in which they read and discuss works together (in English), learn to think critically about texts in relation to their contexts and influences—both European and non-European—and in relation to the disciplines that shape and are shaped by those texts. Majors also become proficient in a foreign language and study abroad in order to deepen their knowledge of another culture.
  • College of East Asian Studies challenges students to understand China, Japan, and Korea through the rigors of language study and the analytical tools of various academic disciplines. This process demands both broad exposure to different subjects and a focused perspective on a particular feature of the East Asian landscape.

Visit the Orientation website to view for application deadlines, admission requirements, and course prerequisites for the CSS, COL, and CEAS majors.

Message from Orientation Interns

Howdy, incoming Wesleyan students!

Now that Pre-Registration will start on Monday, July 9, begin making use of WesMaps to look into available courses, especially First Year Seminars (FYS), for Fall 2018! As you get acquainted, we suggest looking at our peer advising webpage and contacting with any questions that may arise!

As usual, good luck and GO WES!

The Orientation Interns
Maximilien Chong Lee Shin ‘21
Caridad Cruz ‘21
Christopher Jackson ‘20
Virginia Sciolino ‘21
(860) 685-5666

Summer Sendoffs  

Thursday, July 12 – NY, NY
Saturday, July 21 – Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, July 22 – Bay Area, CA
Wednesday, July 25 – Mamaroneck, NY
Wednesday, July 25 – New Jersey
Saturday, July 28 – Washington, DC
Thursday, August 2 – Boston, MA
Thursday, August 9 – Seattle, WA
Saturday, August 4 – Beijing
Monday, August 13 – Chicago, IL
Tuesday, August 14 – Fairfield County, CT
Wednesday, August 15 – Philadelphia, PA